Thursday, November 10, 2005

Snapshots in Taipei

Hey folks,

Due to many of your requests, I finally got some photos and got them uploaded for you. No Kidding!! The real thing!! Enjoy.

Pic #1 : I just happen to tour a friend come from France last Saturday. We went to the Hwa Shi Tourist Night Market(note: even though it says tourist, the locals still enjoy going there a lot), which is also known as Snake Alley. What? Snakes? Let's see...

Pic #2: The food at the night market are very cheap and, to be honest, very GOOD!! About one portion of everything for 30NT, equivalent to about 99 cents US. A must taste once you come to this area.

Pic#3: This oone was taken by my house. I saw this guy on a motorbike on my way to work. Gee, you can just imagine how acrobat the Taiwanese people are here. They can load anything on to their motorbikes... all in one single ride!!

Pic#4: This is the kid I mentioned in Episode 1. Don't ring a bell? Listen to it again!! :D

Pic#5: This is what happens in my kiddy class. I draw and explain. Or they can ask me to draw whatever in their mind. I use this "drawing technique" as my teaching approach. It makes kids interested and they also get a better idea what you are talking about. I sometimes put their names on the character so they can get more involved haahaa. (In this case, I thin I told them the mummy was me!)

I hope you like them! Tell me what you think by leaving a message or email me to Xie xie!! (Thanks!)



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