Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Other New Blog Added ~ My Japanese Note ~

Hi there!

I'm BACK!! And I've got a new site added to enhence my Japanese learning. It's nothing to do with Chinese but just for your curiosity, please take a short moment to have a look if you'd like to. The blog will be purely made for my Japanese learning. It's actually a personal learning note, but, hey, since you're here, why not let you guys take a look and maybe you'll get something out of it!

URL: http://myjapanesenote.blogspot.com/

And to let you know, a new episode is coming on its way! I don't intend to do any big lessons yet so that I feel more relaxed to do it. It's a long story but I hope to explain more along the way.

Have a great summer! Wan An!



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