Saturday, December 03, 2005

Night 3: Are You Looking 4 Ur Friend?

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After several struggles of gathering ideas and sorting information, I am finally putting together all the pieces to make a good show for you. I’ve been extremely busy and handling so many projects altogether. All I know is that a man can only do what a man can do… that is: STOP GIVING ME ALL THE EXTRA WORK!!! Don’t expect me to show up on a free-service at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning while I only got home half-dead every Friday night at 11p.m.! And yes, I will try to do something to my jammed-packed schedule. There’s just too much to handle at the moment. I need more time and space. Ok, enough for the bitching.

For the couple of weeks, I successfully (I don’t know if I should say that) got some more emails and comments. Some people suggest me to put out the printable material for reviewing which I agree. So if you out there who need this, please let me know, ok? But considering this is the similar approach that I pick up some basic German and French, I would strongly recommend you to listen to it tons of times. Preferablely 3 times in a row daily! This will deepen your impression and train your ears to get used to the Chinese sound. And in the near future, I will put up a special session focusing on the Chinese tones with its Pin-Yin systems. So stay tuned!

I’ve updated my website and added more banners which enable you to Auto-Subscribe if you have newsreaders like NewsBurst, Rojo, Newsgator or Bloglines. But most importantly, you should definitely check out my Podcast Pickles page as well as my Odeo and Yahoo Podcast pages. The links are right on the side bars. If you happen to be on those pages, don’t forget to vote for me if you think my Podcast is cool. Thanks in advance!

Aside from that, you can now leave a message without needing to sign up for Blogger because I’ve disabled the function after realizing that I can actually save my audience’s time. So just leave a comment. This would really put a smile on my face :-) And one should never under-estimate the power of word-of-mouth.

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Enjoy and Wan An!


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