Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm in New York!

After some intensive traveling across the globe, I am currently settling in New York for a while. Later this year, I will continue on my journey across the country (by plane :P). Join me if you like for the first-hand news from the big apple, along with my thoughts in Chinese, too. (I somehow need to do more Chinese stuff)

Go to: wanannewyork.blogspot.com

Feel free to comment in Chinese if you like! I found when I try to write in a foreign language, that's REALLY when I start to learn, about grammar structures and more vocabulary. Give it a try!

Talk to all of you later! Wan An!

JT :)



Blogger delpino said...


I have seen you have listed some links about learning
Chinese at http://wanantaipei.blogspot.com/

Just wondering if you could also add http://www.chinese-course.com/ to
the list, which is a fairly new site to learn Chinese.

It has some nice features like your own word lists, mouseover
explanations, a loop flashcard feature, a text analyzer and
we publish a new text (dialog, jokes, news) every week.

I would love to hear your feedback about my site.


8:31 AM  
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