Sunday, August 02, 2015

Fun Taiwan! 瘋台灣 with Janet Hsieh, our beloved girl-next-door host! (local travel TV program)

Hi there! 大家好!

"Fun Taiwan 瘋台灣"  is a much-praised and favored local travel program here in Taiwan. The host, Janet Hsieh (謝怡芬),  is much praised for her sweetness, wits, and bravery for taking challenges and introducing Taiwan with here untamed heart.

Born and raised in Texas, not to mention also an MIT alumnus, Janet came to Taiwan to see her parents's homeland. She quickly adopted the culture here and visited nearly all corners of the island. To me, she has become our girl-next-door and the best cultural ambassador. She has a huge knowledge of a plethora of Taiwanese cultural spots and events than most Taiwanese. That's why she is most loved whenever she goes, in the local's hearts, as well as all the all-star travel program celebrities like Samantha Brown, Ian Wright, and chef Bob Blumer.

Watch the shows which were broadcasted last year and experience a different taste of Taiwan. Here are some selections which I enjoyed the most.

With Samantha Brown (from the Travel Channel in the U.S.):

With Ian Wright (famous for his Lonely Planet, Global Trekker series on Discovery channel):

With Bob Blumer (The Surreal Gourmet):

Of course, you can find out shows of hers and you will love each of them! Enjoy~~

Wan an!