Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Wait is Over!

I've finally got the latest episode is up and running. After several trials and errors. But I'm glad that the baby is fine :)

Let me know if you find any errors in the posts or suggestions for the episode. I'd be your humble servant to satisfy your needs (If they don't collide with mine!).

You may wanna ask the question: What's the Japanese thingie got to do with this?
>>Well, I've got some Japanese friends who listen to this show, too. So if you want me to put up other languages/versions, please let me know. But you need to help me! This is an international podcast I'm telling you.

Enjoy! Wan an!

5th Night: Ordering Food, Numbers, Chinese Holidays

5th Night: Ordering Food, Numbers, Chinese Holiday. This is the longest show ever! I finally get to talk about numbers and how to order food upon desperate requests. I covered some current news in Taiwan and talked about the traditional Chinese holdaiys. Music in this episode is provided by Micheal Margio from Florida, USA. Thanks! a lot!

第5晚: 如何點菜, 數字的說法, 中國人的節日. 本集實在有夠長! 花了我不少時間才完成. 在應許多人的要求下, 我終於將數字的說法以及如何在餐廳點菜在本集中加以說明. 我還提到了傳統的節日和最近的新聞. 本集中的音樂是由美國佛州的Miachal Margio所提供. 謝謝!

Dì wŭ uăn: Rú hé diăn cài, shù zì de shuō fă, zhūng guó rén de jié rì. Bĕn jí sh zài iŭ gòu cháng! Huā le uŏ bù shăo shí jiān cái wán chéng. Zài ìng xǚ duō rén de iāo qóu xià, uŏ zhōng yú jiāng shù zì de shuō fă yĭ jí rú hé zài cān tīng diăn cài zài bĕn jí zhōng jiā yĭ shuō míng. Uŏ hái tí dào le chuán tŏng de jié rì hàn zuì jìn de shīn ún. Bĕn jí zhōng de yīn üè shì iú mĕi guó fó zhōu de Michael Margio suŏ tí gòng. Xiè xiè!

Click here (right-click the mouse and choose S
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這裡 (按滑鼠右鍵"儲存目標") 或到 MY PICKLE PAGE 以網路串流收聽.

àn zhè-lĭ ( àn huáshŭ yòu jiàn "chú cún mùbiāo" ) huò dào
MY PICKLE PAGE yĭ wănglù chuàn liú shōu

*Links mentioned in this episode are:
My pal
Mark :
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the Amazing Hunt in Vancouver:
Michael Margio from
News comes from
About the
Yanmingshan Flower Festival visit here

Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentine in Taipei & Lantern Festival

Congratulations and wish you full of richness! 恭喜發財! Gōng xĭ fā cái!

Happy Valentine's Day! 情人節快樂! Qíngrén jié kuài lè!

Upon returning from the sunny Philippines for my vacation, I cannot help but saying farewell to the sunshine. Although there are some shiny days, the weather has put me to a very cold mood.

However, nothing should stop the heat of romantic love/friendship/affections from one to another/otheres. So here you go I've created a new header for Valentine's Day. (Yes, I took the picture on a chilling night, just minutes before the lights went out at 10P.M. sharp.)

Here are some photos that I took for Lantern Festival 元宵節 (Yuán xiāo jié), or as known as "Little Lunar New Year小過年(Xiăo guò nián)".

Have a good one and a new episode should be ready by this weekend :) (I'm excited, too!)