Saturday, November 19, 2005

Leave Comments Without Signing In

I just changed the settings for "Comments". You can now leave your comments as a guest without signing up for Blogger. But it still requires Word Verification in case of spams. Hope to hear you soon! Xie xie!


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Night 2: Introduce Yourself in Chinese

Hi everyone,

The 2nd episode is now ready to download. Click here to listen!!

Finally I've uploaded the second episode AGAIN! Due to several technical problems, the previously uploaded file was lost. However, after I listened to it again myself, I thought it would be better if I could implement more materials in the podcast to make it more informative and yet educational. Therefore, I made this second "Official Version" (or you can say Alternative Version) episode.

In this episode, I try to focus on just teaching Chinese, about how to introduce yourself in basic Chinese Mandarin, your name, job and nationality. If you need me to tell you how to say your job or country in Chinese, please let me know. I will definitely put them in the follow-up episodes. I hope to bring more news and updates about Taipei. Next time, I promise.

Last but not least, thank you for your support. I try to reply to all of your messages and emails as I can. Questions and comments to or leave a message here!

Until next time, Wan An!


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Snapshots in Taipei

Hey folks,

Due to many of your requests, I finally got some photos and got them uploaded for you. No Kidding!! The real thing!! Enjoy.

Pic #1 : I just happen to tour a friend come from France last Saturday. We went to the Hwa Shi Tourist Night Market(note: even though it says tourist, the locals still enjoy going there a lot), which is also known as Snake Alley. What? Snakes? Let's see...

Pic #2: The food at the night market are very cheap and, to be honest, very GOOD!! About one portion of everything for 30NT, equivalent to about 99 cents US. A must taste once you come to this area.

Pic#3: This oone was taken by my house. I saw this guy on a motorbike on my way to work. Gee, you can just imagine how acrobat the Taiwanese people are here. They can load anything on to their motorbikes... all in one single ride!!

Pic#4: This is the kid I mentioned in Episode 1. Don't ring a bell? Listen to it again!! :D

Pic#5: This is what happens in my kiddy class. I draw and explain. Or they can ask me to draw whatever in their mind. I use this "drawing technique" as my teaching approach. It makes kids interested and they also get a better idea what you are talking about. I sometimes put their names on the character so they can get more involved haahaa. (In this case, I thin I told them the mummy was me!)

I hope you like them! Tell me what you think by leaving a message or email me to Xie xie!! (Thanks!)


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Got your feedbacks!

Hi boys and girls,

It's soooooooooo nice to hear from you and I've got some suggestions from my listeners already. And questions too! I've replied to your emails and thanks again for tuning in. Now I am giving you the Chinese characters for my first Chinese lesson:

All characters displayed here are in Traditional Chinese format. The numbers indicates the tones of each word. You can practice often while listening to the Podcast!! It's very important to speak up loud!

Good luck with your practice and I'm still planning on the 2nd episode so please send your comments and suggestions FAST!! I need them!!

Wan An!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Night 1 : Welcome to the Night of Taipei!

Yehey!! This is the 1st episode of the Podcast.

Download here

My Odeo Channel (odeo/2e55c63b38b6d293)

I don't really know how to begin but just do it anyway. I talked little of my work with kids and introduced the first Chinese lesson of the week. Curious?! Subscribe now!

Questions, comments and requests are all welcome. If you are interested in the life in Taipei and anything you want to know in Chinese, please send to or leave a message right here in the blog.

Until next time, Wan An! (am heading to my bed now.....zzzzzzZZZZZ.......)


P.S. I just joined so hopefully there will be more people who will listen to my show. Feeling excited! And I joined Podcasting to add my site. Really cool! You never know what you'll find :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

MP3 Now Ready to Launch!


Finally got the promo mp3 ready. Been planning it for ever. Test if this will work out.

Click here to download the file.

This is my feed site:
click on Listen Now! or Subscribe with your iTunes. Simple as that! :D

Questions? Comments? Please send me an email or leave a comment! Thanks guys!


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